From the people that brought you glasses
We bring you more glasses.
So what's so
great about Titanium?
Lots of things.
Solid as
a rock

Two words: unparalleled strength.

That's right. Our Titanium is not only strong, it's as flexible as your yoga instructor - this means you can easily adjust your glasses to make them the perfect fit – nice and snug.

Your glasses will last you a lifetime

(well, a very very long time anyway)

The true meaning of timeless. Titanium is rust and corrosion resistant, so your glasses will keep looking as good as new for years and years, as will your style.

They make spaceships with it

Titanium is so. damn. light (and did we mention that it’s also strong?) that it’s greatly used in the aerospace industry. Just let that sink in for a moment. These frames have got to be ridiculously comfortable, right? Right.

And the best
thing is...
They're only almost
twice as expensive

But, at £148, it's still a lot less than if you went somewhere else.

new designs

Available in Satin Gold and Satin Silver.

old but gold (and silver)

Available in Satin Gold and Satin Silver,
both as sunnies and opticals.

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The Girl With Titanium Glasses The Girl With Titanium Glasses

We collaborated with French illustrator Félix Decombat to create a short but sweet graphic novel about the magic of our titanium frames.

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