take a chill pill

the art of lounging.

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This summer we’re celebrating the art of lounging, we’re switching off and enjoying leisure for the sake of pleasure.

Our first release takes inspiration from the 60s design revolution, which embodied a creative and laid-back spirit. Chunky, bold and full of character, our new frames reflect a vibrant aesthetic that felt so innovative then and still feels so modern today. Sit back, relax and take the scenic route.

Jo new

A strong frame with sharp edges, Jo is a top-notch badass, if we do say so ourselves.

Vic new

A big and bold cat eye frame, vic will make you feel like the real freakin’ deal.

Anna new

Looking for something a little less classic and a tad more avant-garde? Here’s Anna, our first cut out frame. Go on, live a little.

Ace & Tate + Anthony Burrill

UK-based graphic designer Anthony Burrill created a series of statement prints for our SS17 pre-collection, encouraging people to disconnect and live in the now!

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Morris is one sexy and sleek sun-of-a-gun. Now available in Saffron, with bronze metal temples.


Pierce’s little brother is featherweight and slimline. Max is now available in Bourbon and Chocolate Chip.


A spacious and outspoken frame, Hudson is the life of the party. Now available in Saffron with our first ever oily sun lenses.

campaign photography by Jeroen W. Mantel
styling by Thomas Vermeer
still photography by Mathilde Karrèr
video by Wouter Verberkt